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Why replace when you can renew? Wood ReNew deck cleaning Topeka, KS works to restore your deck, dock, fence or wood siding to a just like new condition. We serve Lawrence, Topeka and surrounding areas and our actively involved in the Lawrence Home Builders Association, Topeka Home Builders Association, Douglas County Connections and Lawrence Chamber of Commerce Do you have exterior wood that’s cracked, splintered, gray and ugly? These elements can take their toll on your outdoor wood in a hurry. With services like our Topeka, KS deck cleaning and refinishing we can renew and restore your exterior wood. We use an environmentally safe cleaner and protectant that gently restores your wood surfaces, and provides lasting UV protection and water repellant. As part of our deck cleaning, we have exclusive soft foam cleaner that removes dirt, kills mold and mildew, and softens wood for dead fiber removal at low pressure. Wood ReNew deck cleaning, Topeka, KS will work with you to restore and tune up everything your house may have from an outdoor play set, gazebo, cedar or redwood siding and more! Create a completely new look for your exterior wood. Our services work to both restore wood, and protect it from further damage. In other words, we’re helping to keep your outdoor wood investment protected. The constant weathering cycle of wet and dry, swelling and shrinking causes your wood to dry out, crack and turn gray. Sun, rain, snow, ice, and even dew our all factors that work to damage your wood. Using our environmentally friendly two-step process, Wood ReNew restores your wood exterior, and then provides long lasting protection from damaging weather elements. Take pride in your outdoor living space again, and start enjoying your exterior wood with the help of our deck refinishing process. It’s a great enhancement that will leave guests thinking you built a new deck!

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