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Why Chose Wood Re New?

Wood Re New has developed a process to clean and protect your exterior wood that is unrivaled. We use only environmentally safe material that not only protects your wood but also your environment. Our exclusive Wood Re New cleaner, a detergent with no acid or bleach, loosens dead wood fiber, dirt, mildew and mold so that we can clean your wood at a desirably lower pressure.

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We then apply our Wood Re New protectant, formulated exclusively for our franchise system by the Wolman Wood Care Company. This water-based protectant, which also contains UV reflectors, mildewcide and moldicide forms a water resistant seal that enhances the natural beauty of your wood while providing protection from the elements that cause wood to crack, bow, cup and discolor.

Best of all, when it is time for re-application, we simply repeat the process.

If you have used an oil based protectant in the past it will need to be removed, or "stripped." Although it is a fairly expensive one time charge, Wood Re New can remove this oil residue and get you back on an environmentally safe maintenance program. Jack Bowen Little Rock, Arkansas Franchisee of the Year in 2009 & 2010 (501) 982-9663.

For your protection Wood Re New carries comprehensive general liablity and auto insurance and provides workers compensation for all employees. We do not use independent contractors. And remember, at Wood Re New, exterior wood care is our ONLY business.

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